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Nobody Does It Like Us
Hey,I'm Mariie. And This is My Blog about stuff about Jelena or manips with Jelena.

we have to thank god!!! this is actually the first photo/s with Jelena in 2013/2014 when they are holding hands!!!!

omg it’s like 2 or 3 A.M and i was liike ” OMG!!! PHOTOS!” and i think i woke up my parents :)))


Preach David preach 🙌 (Selena’s cousin)

awww she’s so cute:)) the way she says ” I LOVE YOU AND I ADMIRE YOU AND YOU’RE MY IDOL AND I ADORE YOU AND I ALWAYS WILL ” with so so much passion . right? :))

okay..we get candids!!! finally , but what the fuck! come on. one photo!!!:-w?

we are the most crazy family (jelenators) ever=)))

Befor and After .. i couldnt rezist…:(

i know its been a while since i post my this is what i made today;3

if u look closer the pic justin post look kinda…”photoshopped” or is take form a big distance :-?


@AlfredoFlores: The things I find lol

i like the red one =))

im gonna go to make some manips(fake candids) of jelena..cuz with paparazzi ..we’ll see photos with jelena in an car accident or something..