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Nobody Does It Like Us
Hey,I'm Mariie. And This is My Blog about stuff about Jelena or manips with Jelena.

Hey Justin where is Hoevanna ;)

Justin Take Shots with Yovanna,Selena Drink Shots =)))LMFAO

i can’t believe i say this but i really want to see Selena with Nat. He was so cute in Behaving Badly with her.

i wait for 15 minutes to upload this manips and tumblr just don’t let me..

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how sweet justin side hoes see selena as an inspiration

Yovanna tags are full of butt hurt jelena fans


i want to put next chapter on #BreakMyFall :(( cause i want to know when Justin gonna tell selena about the Chantel thing:(


look what i made :)) [sorry if i write wrong.]

let’s make a “joke” with justin to! unfollow him ,on intragram,twitter,facebook .